Director of Pharmacology /Senior Pharmacologist

Director of Pharmacology /Senior Pharmacologist

The successful candidate will have demonstrated scientific expertise in the conception, development and implementation of new disease complex target model systems and to understand PK/PD relationships for various therapeutic modalities. The candidate will have responsibilities in leveraging external CROs and collaborating with academic institutions. In addition, the candidate will play a strong team player role in interfacing with members of Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry for project execution.

1.Independently, design and conduct disease relevant in vitro and in vivo models to measure on-target pharmacodynamic effects to drive structure-activity relationships (SAR) of novel therapeutics within drug discovery programs
2.Have significant prior hands on experience in the pharmacology
3.Critically analyze, interpret and integrate data effectively into formal reports and the ability to effectively communicate these results internally and externally
4.Provides strong scientific and technical expertise and represents the pharmacology department on core project teams
5.Collaborate effectively with the research group to establish clear priorities and seek alignment on a study plan that meets discovery needs on innovative experimental tumor/autoimmune diseases/liver/renal model systems for target validation, therapeutic testing and biomarker discovery
6.Collaborate with the external CROs and academic collaborators to assure that discovery targets from a pharmacology perspectives are obtained as needed
Ph.D. in Pharmacology, or related biomedical sciences (e.g. veterinarian medicine) 
with 5+ years of relevant drug discovery experience, in a Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology setting

1.Strong technical skills in pharmacological evaluation of lead compounds
2.Experience in the execution of PK/PD assays and ability to provide expertise and guidance to discovery projects teams with regards to these disease models. 
3.Advanced knowledge and ability to command of data analysis and reporting. 
4.Strong team player and the ability to navigate and be successful in a fast-paced, highly matrix environment.
5.Experience in any or combination of the therapeutic areas below: 
autoimmune diseases (IBD, RA), cancer, chronic liver disease, kidney diseases.
聯絡人: 陳小姐/ Miss Chen
TEL: 03-6587721